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HowKola Furniture by Tim Lozier

Where the West meets your living space

   Tim Lozier has been building custom furniture for more than 20 years. He began his career in 1993, focused on building Molesworth reproductions. To this day that style continues to be the most popular style that Tim builds. Tim and his wife Tiffany started "How Kola Furniture" in 1998. This allowed Tim to begin putting his own spin on Molesworth designs, giving them a great deal of creative freedom to give the furniture his own expression. Each piece of furniture he builds is one-of-a-kind. "When I branched out on my own, I wanted to build the furniture I could see in my head," Tim says. While style is a priority, he is also focused on leaving a legacy. "I would like to see my pieces passed on to other generations, to me that is the true test of craftsmanship." Tim has participated in may shows over the years. The Western Design Conference, The Cody High Style Show, SCI International and has been published in American Cowboy, and Contemperary Western Design by Thea Marxs.

Why us?

Journey with us into the old and new west with your choice of custom built furniture. Work closely with us to design a room or piece of your dreams. Give us a call and get started.


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